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Save yourself from future dental problems

At West Main Dental, we focus on preventative care to keep your teeth healthy and avoid painful, costly treatments.


Itero Digital Scanner

The Itero is a digital impression unit used for making digital models of teeth.  It can be used for crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and Invisalign.  Before digital impressions, putty type impression material was used to make models.  Impression materials are often sensitive to moisture and can warp.  Digital impressions combined with CNC models make a model free of the expansion and contraction of impression materials and stone models.  Consequently, the patient gets a better fitting crown and less chairside adjustment.

Itero digital scanner

Panoramic Radiograph

In February of 2012 West Main Dental installed a digital Panoramic Radiograph Machine.  The “Pan” travels circumferentially around the patients head as it takes an image.  It allows us to get a better overall view of the structures surrounding the oral cavity.  It helps in identifying sinus locations, wisdom teeth, nerve locations, cysts, and tumors. 

Panoramic Radiograph

Lanap Laser

In the summer of 2014 West Main Dental will be receiving a dental laser in order to perform the LANAP procedure.  This procedure is an alternative to periodontal surgery in cases of severe periodontal disease. 

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